Iceland is a country we hold very dear to our hearts. The staggering amount of things to see and experience there makes it one of the top tourist attractions in the world. As a matter of fact, it is probably the top one if you are looking for a nature road trip. We did one there and nothing has come close to it ever since. One of the more interesting tours we had there was a trip inside the Langjokull, Iceland’s second-largest glacier. It is literally a series of carefully dug tunnels and rooms inside the glacier which you walk through and explore.

Getting to the Base Camp

We booked the tour from the Into the Glacier company web site. Booking in advance is strongly encouraged. The way it works is depending on the tour you get there is a specific address to which you have to drive to. We got their best seller tour and our meeting point was here. It is pretty remote and you go via some rough gravel roads. 4×4 vehicle is required.

They have a small base camp a mile or so next to the entrance into the Langjokull glacier. Once you arrive you leave your car and they dress you and drive you to the actual glacier entrance. You are transported in these giant trucks with tires which on a first glance seem severely deflated. That however is on purpose in order to have better traction against the ice.

Into the Glacier

Once there each group follows their tour guide into the glacier. Inside your first stop is an orientation room where you are given instructions. These cover how to explore the glacier and also how to put those special spikes for your boots so you have better traction against the ice. It is chilly inside. Even with the extra clothing, they give you it is somewhat cold. We were there with our three-year-old son at the time and he did not appreciate it very much. What makes it even more interesting is that there is water dripping from the ceilings constantly. Other than that it is an awesome experience. They do give you enough time to stop and take pictures etc.

You have to be careful if you are caring for high-end photo equipment. It goes without saying that if you are planning to take high-end photos inside you would need a flash. Tripods are allowed but it will be tricky to carry them inside. In some places, it is somewhat dark and not easy to see so be careful. During our tour, there were at least three people with high-end cameras and flashes but nobody other than us carried a tripod.

Tour Details

The entire duration of the tour is close to four hours. That includes the drive from the base camp and back. You walk for about an hour. There are various rooms that you either explore as a group or gather there for tour guide instructions and information. Some of the rooms are very nicely lit while others are practically underwater. Depending on the season some parts of the tunnels are not as well maintained as others.

There was no food or water on the trucks. Make sure you bring both with you. Water especially. Tour guides were very nice and all were locals living nearby. Pice-wise we thought the tour was worth the money. It is not every day that you walk under one of the biggest glaciers in the world. We definitely recommend it.


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