Sequoia National Park, the home of the giant sequoias is located in Tulare County, California. World’s largest single trees and largest living thing by volume (average height of 50–85 m (164–279 ft) and 6–8 m (20–26 ft) in diameter). We passed through the park on our way out of Yosemite National Park and overall had enough time to visit some of its attractions.

Things to See

The sequoias are absolutely humongous and majestic, as you can see from the photos below you can’t really believe how vast their trunks are until you try to “hug” them (and we did!). The park is well maintained and one that we highly recommend.

General Sherman Tree

There was a big line to take pictures next to the General Sherman Tree so we did not take any good quality photos there but rather enjoy the enormous size and beauty of the tree. This thing is literally larger than life having more than 2000 years under its belt! Think about that … 2 with 3 zeroes as a number representing a living being age. You have to see it to believe it. Just the mind-blowing age number makes you stare at it and think.

General Sherman Tree Trail

We spend most of the time in the Sequoia National Park exploring this trail and waiting for our turn to take a few photos here and there. Park overall is busy and packed by our standards. It is a very easy trail which explains why there are so many people in that section of the park.

Crescent Meadow

This section of the park was not busy at all … probably due to the fact that there was a reported bear sighting and people were abandoning it in numbers. We did the same after taking a few photos quickly.

Moro Rock

Now we consider ourselves pretty adventurous (for a family with a small kid) and (not very) afraid of high altitudes but man … Moro Rock is intimidating. The whole foreplay with the steps before you get on the top of it and read the “warning signs” about static electricity and how you should not (ever) go outside the rails. The air there … just makes you question your mental strength and confidence. I will confess I was scared. The video makes it look easier than it actually is and less scary so don’t think you won’t be afraid when you are there. Be there and then see for yourself.

Beetle Rock

Not a major attraction but close by the parking and the Giant Forest Museum. Not a lot of people were there and after we waited for a few minutes we were by ourselves. We took a few photos of-course.

Tunnel Log

I remember when I was in college I noticed somewhere an old photo of a car passing through the Tunnel Log (had no idea back then this was the park and what was the name of that “tunnel”). I told myself one day I will go there so taking a photo and see this log was one of the items from my life achievements list. For many people, it does not mean much I know but for me personally, it meant a lot 🙂


  1. Sequoia National Park Official Web Site

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