As kids, we always follow
Our hearts which burn inside
As men, we turn them hollow
And color them with pride

As kids, we question kindly
And never care to fail
As men, we follow blindly
As long as we prevail

As kids, we play so easy
And life is just a game
As men, we are too busy
With chasing gold and fame

As kids, we have no money
No concept of a fee
As men we think is funny
If living was for free

As kids, we grow so quickly
Rushing everything we do
As men, we are so prickly
Stealing time as we go through

As kids, we dream so vastly
And think life is our friend
As men, we fade when lastly
We’ve reach our childhood’s end

Ilian Alexiev (1/21/2013)

Copyright © Ilian Alexiev. All rights reserved


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