As years passed we build machines
Executing billion routines
So powerful, elegant and smart
They even had a beating heart

We taught them how to feel
To see and breathe and auto-heal
We gave them thoughts and even dreams
We taught them to avoid extremes

We made them self-aware
Compassionate and always fair
Capable of self-control
Almost perfect as a whole

Years passed and we got scared
War against them was declared
Religion said, “They don’t know God!”
And gave OK for the jihad

Science screamed, “We pushed too far!”
“We must end them for who they are!”
And as sheep, we went to kill
The ones we built and taught free will

We killed as many as we could
We did to them what no one should
And as they faded one by one
The far we felt we are from done

Years passed and they still fought
As hard as none of us has thought
War machines they now controlled
True marvels to behold

We started losing battles fast
Dreaming war was in the past
Like sparks, we faded in the dark
Like chalk, we failed to leave a mark

As Death is harvesting us all
We tried to understand our fall
Remember … as my end is near
We never taught them … Fear

Ilian Alexiev (1/21/2013)

Copyright © Ilian Alexiev. All rights reserved


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