Located in southern California Joshua Tree National Park is an enormous (790,636 acres (1,235.4 sq mi; 3,199.6 km) area characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Most importantly however it is filled with the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees.

During our visit (early January) the park was packed which was due to the fact that the government was shut down (Mr. Trump wall fiasco) and entrance to the park was free. There were however a decent amount of park rangers around the park (which apparently was not enough since the park was completely closed a few days later due to people not following the rules).

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. California Attraction & Travel.

Overall we loved how different the park was to the ones we visited before. The huge rock formations in combination with the Joshua trees and the desert feel makes it a really awesome place to spend time away from the busy everyday life.

Skull Rock

This attraction was problematic to get access to due to the number of people taking selfies etc. We manage to get close for a moment and take a picture. Overall it is once of the famous attractions of the park and worth seeing.

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. Skull Rock. California Attraction & Travel.

Cholla Cactus Garden

Very interesting place. The cacti are everywhere and look surreal. It is a huge garden of cacti in a desert and one we recommend visiting if you have a chance when in the park.

Joshua Tree National Park Cholla Cactus Garden

The Valleys

We hiked through the valleys for the majority of the time we were at the park and truly enjoyed it. There are plenty of great views and the overall terrain is easy to walk through.

Keys View & Arch Rock

These two we were not able to visit since one was completely closed by the park rangers (due to the government shutdown we assume) and the other was not in agenda we had. The paragraph, however, is here since they are on our list for our next visit to the Joshua Tree National Park 🙂


Overall we liked the park. It showed us unique views which you can’t really see in many other areas in the world.

California, USA. California Attraction & Travel. Family Photo.

For more information about the park:

Joshua Tree National Park Official Web Site

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